Cotton G-strings are almost always underwear with spandex G-string designs being swimwear for the most part though many men and women wear spandex G-string styles as underwear too. I for one am thrilled that men have become so interested in spandex G-string swimwear designs. I made the switch a couple of years ago from bikinis to G-strings and in many ways it is more extreme than the switch from board shorts to bikinis. G-strings by their nature are extremely small and offer almost no coverage. Everyone at the beach can see almost everything. The size and shape of your equipment is clearly visible as is your entire rear. The most important thing when wearing a G-string to the beach is proper grooming. Think about how hairless girls are that are wearing these tiny swimsuits. The reality is they have hair in place that are exposed but they wax, shave or have the hair laser removed so the swimsuit looks awesome. The same goes for men that choose to wear these exciting but very revealing swimsuits. No hair is the word. No pubic hair what so ever and no hair in the rear. Leg hair is fine but many men wearing G-strings tend to shave their legs too. Just make sure your body is ready to rock the suit.

Owning a Spandex G-String

Have you ever wanted to own your own spandex G-string? Maybe you have felt a little reserved about revealing underwear for men. There is not anything to be afraid of when it comes to your underwear preference. You select who sees your private undergarments, so why not pick something you love and feel comfortable in? If you have contemplated purchasing a G-string made from spandex; it is likely because you are tired of suffering boxer bunching or bikini ride ups. The G-string is more form fitting and make it nearly impossible to experience any uncomfortable bunching of materials. It makes it much easier to wear tighter pants also, without the fear of a boxer outline being visible. The G-string is for you and only you, but that is not to say that they are not men who enjoy a G-string on a guy. It is not an automatically unattractive look. In fact, a G-string made from spandex can be quite sexy!

First Time in a Spandex G-string

When you start wearing a spandex G-string for the first time, you might feel a bit uncomfortable. This is perfectly normal and something just about every guy that has tried a G-string on goes through. The one thing you need to remember is that even though this is a different feeling for you; you will eventually get used to wearing it. After a couple of hours, you probably will not even notice that you are wearing a G-string and you will go about your day as normal. If you do not start feeling like that after a couple of hours, then there is a good chance that you bought a spandex G-string that does not fit properly. If that is the case, simply buy one that you feel would fit you better and start over again. Just do not let that one single instance dissuade you from enjoying the life you could be living. If you give up after a couple of hours, you will not get the chance to know just how great wearing one of these G-strings can be.