Men's Spandex G-string
men's spandex G-string

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Gay, straight, bi whatever if you are wearing a spandex G-string you are making us very happy. We love these sexy little swimsuits. We wear them and we do our best to get other men to wear them. We could not care less how your body looks as long as you have the confidence to wear a spandex G-string you have our blessing. When you think about it if only the girls with super hot bodies were wearing G-strings and other sexy swimwear there would not be much too look at. We love seeing men and women wearing slinky sexy swimwear and like they say variety is the spice of life. Every guy that works at this site wears sexy swimwear and most of us choose the spandex G-string as our weapon of choice. The cover so little and let us get a great tan. Let's not forget all that added attention we get from almost being naked in public. It's enough to get me erect! 

Spandex G-string

Wearing a spandex G-string is one of those things that I never really thought I would end up doing in my lifetime. I always looked at any guy wearing something like this as a bit odd and would constantly make fun of them. I didn’t understand at the time just how great wearing anything made from spandex could be or how comfortable a G-string could end up being. But once I decided to give a spandex G-string a chance I found out that this is something I have been living without and missing out on a lot of extras that can come from them. If you are ever curious about what it would be like to have the kind of attention that I tend to get out on the beach than you should be wearing a G-string like this. Once I started I realized that I was missing out on all kinds of great things and I didn’t want to miss out on anything else in my life. Now I am wearing my G-string as underwear all the time and I can honestly say that my life is better because of this decision.