Spandex G-string

Spandex G-string designs for men!

Lucky you, there are now hundreds of hot spandex G-string, thong and bikini swimwear designs for men along with amazing micro shorts, pouch suits and even the super hot new male to female transformation suits with one just being introduced as a G-string version. Men now have the option of showing some skin or a whole lot of skin just like the girls do. You are no longer required to wear those dorky oversized shorts or Speedos. Sexy swimwear designs for men have always been part of the scene in Europe and many other parts of the world but men in the USA are finally getting onboard and wearing hot swimwear too. In fact many would say that the hottest swimwear designs for men including spandex G-string fashions are being designed and manufactured in the USA. The USA has always had a strong swimwear market with companies in Los Angeles and Miami leading the way but for the most part they were know for surf trunks, board shorts and Speedo style suits. Things are changing with many of the most extreme designs being both created and manufactured in the USA and shipped worldwide. I hope this site will be helpful to both hardcore spandex freaks(like myself) and guys just getting into spandex. The links below are some of my favorite companies that manufacture insane swimwear, hot tights, amazing shorts and other wild spandex creations including spandex G-string designs that will take your breath away.  Keep checking our site for updates. I will be posting new information and photos of the hottest men's swimwear styles as they are introduced.

Feeling Sexy in a Spandex G-string

How many guys do you know who actually wear a spandex G-string? This can be as underwear or as a swimsuit. Obviously, if the men you know only wear these items as underwear, it is highly likely that you won’t know their secret. On the other hand, men who choose to wear these G-strings out in public, such as a beach or a resort swimming pool, there are no questions as to whether they wear them or not. It is right out there in front of you to see along with the rest of the world. Men who wear these Gstrings where they can be seen by many people are the ones who feel quite sexy in doing so.

If you are man who has not tried wearing a Spandex G-string in some form or fashion, you may want to change your mind about your modesty and slip into one of these sexy garments. These work very well on men who already have a great looking ass. It is something about how there is only that nearly invisible string that goes right up the crack of your ass, separating your cheeks, making them look so luscious that others want to take a bite out of them. The best thing about spandex G-strings is how sexy they make you feel once you have slipped into one. That is definitely a reason for giving them at least one shot.

Spandex G-string

If you have not yet heard of the spandex G-string, then you must have been burying your head in the sand somewhere. Granted, the style of a G-string has been around for a bit, but it never really got the attention that it deserved. Then a little movie called Magic Mike came along and these tiny little garments sky rocketed. Men could not wait to buy them and wear them on public beaches. It became rather difficult to keep them in stock because of their popularity. You see, these male strippers/dancers showed men what they could be when going to clothing optional beaches, as underwear as a surprise for your special “friend,” or wearing to one of those swimming pool parties that are just for men. These are some of the best places to meet someone special because you are not really hiding a lot from view. Instead, you are just giving those guys a taste of the good stuff. If you choose to wear a G-string made from spandex to your next pool party, you may notice a lot of attention coming your way.  

Rocking a New Spandex G-string

If you have never worn a spandex g-string before, than you are missing out on something that is extremely sexy and a lot of fun to wear. This is one of those items that you need to try out sometime before you get too old to have any more fun in your life for sure. You may not think that wearing something like this will be as entertaining as it is but rest assured you will enjoy your time in them. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first but that is to be expected if you have never worn a spandex g-string before. Once you get used to the way they fit you will want to rock that g-string everywhere you go. In fact, you will probably want to show it off to all of your friends whenever you get the chance. You probably shouldn’t do that though unless you have some really understanding friends that are willing to look at your ass while you are wearing a G-string.